Predator Stare

“Predator Stare” is an 8 x 10 inch giclée archival printed on:

Smooth Fine Art, Moab Entrada Rag Natural 290 gsm, 21.5 mil, archival:
Warm white, 100% cotton, slightly textured, smooth fine art surface. Exceptional color reproduction and dmax. Moab Entrada is an archival paper for beautiful long lasting prints.


Coyotes are not very popular, but they have their place.  They are incredibly adaptable creatures who can inhabit not only wild areas but also urban areas. I've seen them in both settings.  When working and living on a boys ranch I would hear the coyote pups learning to yip and howl in early summer at sunset.  More recently I had a coyote come strolling into our driveway in the middle of the city.

Interesting Fact:   Coyotes are also known as "Song Dogs" due to their large number of vocalizations.  While unpopular with many, coyotes serve a purpose of keeping prey species in check.