Gossip Monger

“Gossip Monger” is an 8 x 10 inch giclée archival print on:

Smooth Fine Art, Moab Entrada Bright White 290 gsm, 21.5 mil, archival:
Bright white, 100% cotton, slightly textured, smooth fine art surface. Exceptional color reproduction and dmax. Moab Entrada is an archival paper for beautiful long lasting prints.

10% of your purchase of this piece will go to: Nebraska Wildlife Rehab


You may be wondering why I titled this portrait of a Black Billed Magpie as "Gossip Monger."  Well, let's just say that Magpies are quite talkative!  I had an experience with an entire flock of Black Billed Magpies while working on a boys ranch in the early 90's.  At first I thought they were amazing, but by the third day of their noise I couldn't wait for them to move along!  They way they squawk and chatter all I can think is that they sound like a large group of people gossiping.  Some people don't think they are very attractive, but I think the way their black feathers shine with iridescent greens and blues in the sunlight is quite beautiful.

Interesting Fact:  When Lewis and Clark first experienced Black Billed Magpies they remarked on how bold the birds were entering tents and even taking food from their hands.