Waiting For Mom


"Waiting for Mom” 8 x 10 inch giclée archival print of the pastel painting of two American Kestrel chicks.  American Kestrels, Falco sparverius, are the smallest falcons in North America.  They often hunt in family groups and the chicks learn to hunt from their parents. American Kestrels are one of only three raptor species in North America where males and females look very different from each other. Males have blue-hued wings and one black bar on their orange tail feathers; females have orange wings with black stripes and many black bars on their orange tail feathers.

Interesting fact: Kestrels can see ultraviolet light - – colors that are invisible to the human eye, which helps them to locate ultraviolet urine trails of their prey such as field mice.

This piece is reproduced on:

Somerset Velvet - 310 gsm, certified archival: A beautiful soft grain archival cotton paper which gives a uniquely soft texture to prints of pastel paintings.