Keeping Watch 2

“Keeping Watch 2” is an 8 x 10 inch giclée archival printed on:

Smooth Fine Art, Moab Entrada Bright White 290 gsm, 21.5 mil, archival:
Bright white, 100% cotton, slightly textured, smooth fine art surface. Exceptional color reproduction and dmax. Moab Entrada is an archival paper for beautiful long lasting prints.


10% of your purchase of this piece will go to: Nebraska Wildlife Rehab


Keeping Watch 2 was my second colored pencil drawing ever.  I was so pleased with how she turned out I chose to replace my original graphite drawing with this colored pencil one as my logo.

Interesting Fact:  Wolves are family (pack) oriented and the entire pack will help care for the pups.  Mothers will stay in their dens with their pups for up to a month, not even leaving to eat.  Other members of the pack will bring food to the mother.